Little Artsy Girl in a Big World

Written by Chelsie Boyd. Edited by Mara Strobel-Lanka. You’re going to write a poem about New York. It will be the first of many dreams you place on paper, words flowing together like music. The poem will be titled “Empire,” and you’ll read it to your elementary class about how you yearn to be in… Continue reading Little Artsy Girl in a Big World

Putting a Ring On It

"So when are you getting engaged?" “We’re engaged!” “Great - when’s the wedding?” If my memory serves me correctly, my boyfriend and I dated for a whopping six months before people started asking if we were getting married. Everyone gets so excited to see someone else get engaged. They become so attached to the idea,… Continue reading Putting a Ring On It

Women of JAX: What Makes You Feel “Feminine”?

Women's History Month seemed like the perfect opportunity to ask the Women of Jax what made them feel most like a woman. I was eager and excited to hear what made the women I knew feel "feminine". I was also completely blindsided when a few women who responded were offended by the very question. Hearing… Continue reading Women of JAX: What Makes You Feel “Feminine”?

February 14th

On February 14th, when I was 5 years old, the love of my very short life gave me a gold bracelet from the carnival with my name engraved on it. I thought I would get in trouble for a boy getting me a gift, so I hid it in a tiny box in my room… Continue reading February 14th

Women of Jax: What Makes You Feel “Excited”?

I am a person who is remarkably motivated by others. Coffee dates, lunch meetings, and career gush sessions are vital to my work ethic. Planners and 5- year plans are dandy, but if I want to truly get my a$$ in gear, all it takes is hearing about hard-working women, their ideas, and the many… Continue reading Women of Jax: What Makes You Feel “Excited”?