Better Together

Last week, family and friends gathered to honor the life of my great aunt Elaine, who died at age 89 after a long illness. I showed up just a few minutes before the service began, as is my way, and settled in next to my little sister, Betsey. Displayed on the dais of the funeral… Continue reading Better Together

Women of JAX: What Makes You Feel “Feminine”?

Women's History Month seemed like the perfect opportunity to ask the Women of Jax what made them feel most like a woman. I was eager and excited to hear what made the women I knew feel "feminine". I was also completely blindsided when a few women who responded were offended by the very question. Hearing… Continue reading Women of JAX: What Makes You Feel “Feminine”?

The Same, (Sad) Sex Story

At 21, I interned at an alternative news weekly in Charleston, South Carolina. Though I was tasked with writing the blurbs and human interest stories that staff writers hated, it led to a gig as a columnist. On the magazine‚Äôs back page, nestled with ads for escorts and strip clubs, I was given space to… Continue reading The Same, (Sad) Sex Story

Five Reads In The Spirit of Women’s History Month

It's our month ladies, and I intend to celebrate. While Momni and The Boutique Next Door are pretty femme-centric all twelve months of the year, this month we're diving extra deep into all things created by women. Keep up with the strong women who make Jax so great, cherish the work and wonders we all… Continue reading Five Reads In The Spirit of Women’s History Month